Dr. Betty Hall, DVM

I am the founder of Canyon Creek Animal Hospital. I graduated from U.C. Davis with a bachelors in Zoology in 1986, and then received my DVM degree from U.C. Davis Veterinary Medical School in June of 1990. I absolutely love taking care of dogs and cats – it never gets boring. I can’t imagine doing anything else as a career.

I live with a total of “2” furry kids: Riley, a five year old Golden Retriever; and Drake, an orange tabby that my husband and I rescued.

I got married to my husband, Ken, in July 2009, and have a ten year old son named C.J.

I received the 2005 San Diego Small Business Administration award for the Woman-Owned Business of the Year.

In my spare time, I like to unwind playing my Playstation 3 and 4 video games, watching movies and playing legos with my son.

Unfortunately, I am currently out on medical leave due to my previously fractured leg. I will keep you posted on my return.

Dr. Terri Dolorico, DVM

I am a graduate of New York University, B.A. Biology and University of Tennessee, DVM. I have been with Canyon Creek Animal Hospital since 2004.

My favorite thing about work: During an exam, I watched a kitty interacting with his mom and his human-sister, and I was charmed by how this once fiesty and rambunctious kitten rolled over the bench with contentment. He suffered the occassional indignation of the little girl squeezing him and kissing him on the head. Despite his medical issues, it was clear that his family adored him and that he loved them. The bond that develops between human and a pet is deep and it is an amazing opportunity to observe this each day at work.

Hobbies: I enjoy adventure travel, Hiking, skiing, wine-tasting, craft beer-tasting, wine-making, cooking, gardening, and having the critters paralyze me on the couch and make me watch TV.

My Goals are to continue my work at Canyon Creek animal Hospital and encourage families to experience the joys of falling in love with pets. Beyond work, I someday hope to live on a ranch with a miniature animal farm and then to later build a winery based upon this concept.

Dr. Rachel Cobb, DVM

Dr. Rachel Cobb was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Her parents bought a Golden Retriever puppy (named Cranberry, because it was Thanksgiving week) one month prior to her birth. The two were inseparable, and Dr. Cobb credits Cranberry with her pursuit of veterinary medicine. Dr. Cobb graduated from the University of Oregon with her Bachelor’s in Biology in 1999 and graduated from Oregon State University with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.

After 26 years of living in the endless rain, Dr. Cobb decided to move to Hawaii. She enjoyed the sun, the beaches, the local culture, and most of all, the people. However, three years later, she met and married her husband, a U.S. Marine. She spent the next 12 years following him around the country from one duty station to the next. She was fortunate that her husband was stationed at Camp Pendleton twice during the time, which gave her the opportunity to work at Canyon Creek Animal Hospital. When her husband retired, Dr. Cobb returned to work for Dr. Hall full-time in the city she loves and working for the hospital she loves.

When not working, Dr. Cobb is a busy mother of two young boys, a 75# Pit Bull, and three rats. They teach her about perseverance, compassion and patience. She also enjoys lifting weights, traveling, listening to music, and enjoying good food. Dr. Cobb has a strong interest in the human-animal bond, pain management, internal medicine, dermatology, and feline medicine.